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We all know L.A. is the U.S. jeans capital, with hot local designers (hello, J Brand), a bustling garment district and dressing rooms equipped with rear-view cameras to check fit. 

Yet somehow it?s still a struggle to find the perfect pair (i.e., jeans that don't require breaking in). Sigh. 

But we may have found the solution in Point Sur Denim, the new premium line from J.Crew. These jeans are made with fancy supersoft cotton and hand-sewn in a warehouse right in the heart of L.A. Best of all: They?re as comfy as worn-in vintage denim from the first time you put them on. 

The white Slim Stacker ($238) is buttery and lightweight, with an edgy six-inch, fold-up selvage cuff that you don?t have to be Karlie Kloss to pull off. And the slender cut of the cropped jean ($265) has a more flattering fit than your average skinnies.

Best of all is the X-Rocker jean ($268)--a boyfriend with a bit of stretch that?s more fab than frumpy. Since they?re soft as jammies, it?s worth the premium denim cost to have a leg up on both comfort and cool.

J.Crew, 189 the Grove Dr.; 323-939-1070 or

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