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Though the Hamptons have plenty of exciting restaurants to check out, it’s also a wonderful place to detoxify and get super healthy.

The newest purveyor of such healthy living is Tim Martin, cofounder of L.A.-based iZO Cleanse and the man behind the new service Cleanse Concierge, which is now open for business in the East End.

Unlike other cleanses, this one is personalized (three to seven days are recommended at $100 to $150 per day). Martin and his staff not only provide your daily dose but also create a program customized to your particular health and lifestyle needs. They will work with you to identify physical and emotional issues that can be eased with a variety of drinks and tonics, and they coach you through those difficult moments when you most want to reach for solid food.

The juices themselves are infused with superfoods like bee pollen, maca, spirulina and flaxseed, and they are delivered along with supplements, four herbal teas that target specific organs and mineral-infused alkaline water.

The concierge aspect comes via Martin’s referral team (priced separately)--handpicked yoga teachers, acupuncturists, vegan chefs, personal trainers, body workers and colon hydrotherapists. Martin already has some high-profile followers including Hamptonite Donna Karan, Julia Roberts and Reese Witherspoon.

Worried about feeling hungry or deprived? Fear not: The “rejuvenate juice”--made fresh from local apples, cucumbers and ginger--is incredibly refreshing, and the almond milk is almost as good as ice cream on a summer day.

Cleanse Concierge, 310-963-5332 or

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