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For years, former Rockette Pat Grantham has run East Hampton?s Summer Kicks studio, bringing in star teachers like The Biggest Loser's Bob Harper. This summer, for the first time, she is featuring workout company the Bari Method and offering a few classes a day throughout the season ($40 per session).

The regimen, which launched in Tribeca last year, is a combination of aerobics, low-impact training and targeted toning. When the session begins, you?ll be thrown back to ballet class with isolations and stretches. Then you?ll quickly switch into high gear with metabolism-pumping jumping jacks and springy low-impact moves on a cushy mini trampoline. The hour finishes with light weights and props like skimmers that make your feet slide (like walking on banana peels) and your core work double time.

Like many workouts these days, Bari is gaining a cultish following, and devotees are referred to as the ?tribe.? The studio even has its own food, including BariPOPS ($4 and $8), all-natural frozen treats that come in interesting flavors such as avocado pineapple and the refreshingly floral hibiscus beet.

Want to make sure you?re doing all the moves correctly? The studio also offers private sessions ($185 each), and if getting to a class isn?t your thing, an instructor will come to your home ($200).

Summer Kicks, 5 Railroad Ave., East Hampton; 212-966-2274 or

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