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Hamptons Bakeries
Photo courtesy of Hamptons Cupcake Lounge

Bathing suit season isn?t usually the time we want to chow down on cookies and cupcakes, but the women behind two Hamptons bakeries have been busy mixing and measuring confections so healthy, we can indulge without ballooning up.

Anke Cosich, a fitness trainer who launched Anke?s Fit Bakery in Amagansett a few years back, is whipping up a new line of cakes and breads in addition to her addictive cookies (oat chocolate chip, fresh ginger; $5 for 6), granolas ($17) and pies ($25)--all made without any refined sugar or wheat flower. She uses all-natural ingredients, substituting spelt flour for white and small amounts of agave nectar or organic maple syrup for sugar.

Meanwhile, it was the recent cupcake craze that inspired diabetic Cynthia Sachs to conceive Hamptons Cupcake Lounge, a new bakery in Westhampton. Her low-calorie, low-fat treats use sweeteners like fruit purees and Truvia, along with skim milk or low-fat buttermilk and a combination of unbleached and organic whole-wheat flours. Cupcakes come in 27 flavors, 8 of which are ?Cuptails,? enhanced with alcohol ($3.50 for standard flavors, $4 for the boozy version). Such confections are so natural, you can see crushed flower buds in the lavender lemon and shreds of coconut in the piña colada.

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