When the Golden Pear Cafe opened in Southampton in the ?80s, lines quickly formed for its delicious coffees, pastries, omelets, soups and salads. Three other locations followed; now there is probably one near you no matter what Hamptons town you visit. The egg-spicy-jack-cheese-and-chorizo-stuffed breakfast burrito ($12) and curried chicken salad ($18 a lb.) have become legendary, and the oatmeal with berries ($13) is the fuel of choice for the fitness-minded.

This year, owner Keith Davis has made some changes. For starters, he?s introduced a spa menu including scrambled egg whites with turkey and spinach in a whole-wheat wrap and scrambled egg whites with turkey bacon on a whole-grain roll (both $9). Additionally, he?s gone organic, using pesticide- and chemical-free ingredients wherever possible.

As for the famed oatmeal, it now comes from Canada instead of the Midwest, and it is even nuttier and heartier than the classic version: With warm organic fruit, brown sugar and a little milk on top, it tastes like a healthy dessert. Eggs are all organic and the chicken in that renowned salad is free-range. Up next: an organic waffle with berries and the introduction of organic coffee. (Don?t worry, the regular hazelnut will still be available.)

Golden Pear, 99 Main St., Southampton; 631-283-8900 or goldenpearcafe.com

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