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Word on the street is that maple water is the new coconut water.

We beg to differ--and so does Drake. The music icon recently touted the merits of Coconut Cartel, a Miami-based brand that has expanded to the Hamptons. And hey, if it’s good enough for Drake...

What makes this brand of coconut water so special is that you drink it straight from the shell--meaning there’s no added sugar or preservatives, and no nutrients are lost in the pasteurization process. The Cartel also never uses sodium metabisulfite to keep its coconuts “looking fresh,” and all the fruit is meticulously sourced from a 110-year-old farm in El Salvador.

So how do you drink it? Simply puncture the “mouth” with your house key or a knife, insert a straw and drink up. Finish by opening the coconut (the Coco Jack can help) and eating the fresh meat.

Take that, maple water.

Coconut Cartel is sold at the Surf Lodge (183 Edgemere St., Montauk) and Naturally Good Foods (38 S. Etna Ave., Montauk).

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