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We love sipping André Balazs Sunset Beach Rosé as much as the next gal, but it hasn’t exactly worked wonders for our teeth. Neither has that $1 coffee at the newly opened Citarella. And all those berries East End farm-to-table restaurants have been using? Yeah, those are bad too.

Luckily, this is a problem that has a quick-fix solution: Lavaan Dental Spa.

Based in New York City, the luxurious oral health and wellness destination specializes in express dental cleaning, whitening and straightening--and now they’re offering their services right in your Hamptons abode.

The 30-minute whitening treatment ($999, which also includes a voucher for a free dental cleaning at the NYC Lavaan location) is identical to the version you might get in your dentist’s office, though it’s done using a handheld portable device. The treatment involves four consecutive eight-minute applications, after which you can expect your smile to be up to eight shades whiter.

Sound appealing? Why not make a “whitening party” out of it? Gather a group of five friends and you’ll only have to pay the cost for four.

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