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Fitness tips from Barry's Bootcamp
This is better than the elliptical. Seriously.

It was a long winter. And with the advent of cupcake ATMs and cronuts, we?re betting we?re not the only ones in need of a little fitness help before hitting Main Beach.

Lucky for you, a new Barry?s Bootcamp is opening in Amagansett. We checked in with master instructor Noah Neiman for some advice on hastening that beach bod. Here, his three most doable tips:

Forgo the hour-long elliptical sessions If you can read US Weekly or catch up on The Hunger Games while you?re exercising, you?re not working hard enough. Sweat should be dripping, your chest should be pounding, and every time you take a break for a sip of water it should feel like a little slice of heaven. Most people, Neiman says, don?t realize how hard the human body can be pushed. A workout is supposed to be work.

Obsess less about calories As you amp up your workout routine, you?re going to need ample calories to ward off metabolic damage and create lean muscle tissue. Unfortunately, this doesn?t mean you should beeline back to Dominique Ansel. Just try to eat 20 to 30 grams of lean protein with every meal and up your intake of good fats, like those found in avocados and coconut oil.

Drink more water! Sometimes when we feel hungry, we?re actually just thirsty.

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