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There’s a certain controversial fast-food chicken restaurant that shall go unnamed. You either love it or you don’t. But either way, it’s nice to have choices.

Enter Super Chix, a new Arlington joint where we just ate an incredible chicken sandwich with cheese, jalapeños, hot pickles and Sriracha sweet-and-sour sauce.

The folks at Super Chix say they’re all about simplicity, but we find it’s the details that make the difference. After all, each sandwich comes with three pickle options (hot, sweet or kosher) and four sauce choices (honey mustard, Sriracha sweet-and-sour, honey pepper or “signature”--think an amped-up Polynesian sauce).

In addition to the juicy, fried bird (served on a bun or in a box), the fries are the standouts. Order them sweet and salty (made with a yummy combination of sugar, kosher salt and cinnamon) or with a dusting of rosemary, and you’ll forget all about those famous waffle fries.

We’re already plotting our next chicken sandwich journey... on Sunday.

Super Chix, 612 W. Park Row Dr., Arlington; 817-795-1828 or

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