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Photo by Eric Laignel

You may think all facials are created equal...until you get one at ESPA.

This subterranean wonderland at the Joule Hotel features the requisite luxe amenities (think bubble-jet splash pool), but the treatment rooms are where you?ll find true, well, enlightenment.

Expert aestheticians at the U.K.-founded spa--this happens to be the only ESPA-branded spot in Texas--start by asking basic questions about your skin. They also offer a slew of fragrant oil options to accompany your facial (ahhh, chamomile).

Next, to home in on what?s really happening beneath the surface, your aesthetician will perform an LED light treatment, which exposes problem areas that she?ll focus on throughout the facial. Our turn under the spotlight found that we weren?t drinking enough water (guilty as charged) and pointed out the resultant dark spots.

As a finishing touch, Optimal Skin ProSerum ($85), ESPA?s own natural formula that?s chock-full of powerful ingredients like sunflower, turmeric and rose hips, is applied to those trouble areas to give them some extra TLC.

We left our appointment feeling blissed out and knowing that the personalized treatment had our skin looking its best and brightest. In fact, we've been forgoing foundation ever since.

Facials at ESPA at the Joule start at $150 for one hour. 1530 Main St.; 214-748-1300 or

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