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You know the coffee at Avoca is amazing, but did you ever think you could replicate the taste at home?

We?re happy to report that the Fort Worth store offers a spate of enjoyable, refreshingly approachable monthly classes, all to get you making the fluffiest foam and freshest joe on the block.

For starters, there?s the Coffee Intro lecture ($15), where you?ll learn about Avoca?s roasting process (400 degrees in a tin drum for 13 minutes), as well as how and where to store your beans (in a mason jar and in your cupboard--never in the fridge or freezer).

But our class pick is definitely the Brewers Cup series ($200 for a four-week class), where you?ll learn how to make the perfect cup of coffee. One great tip we picked up was Avoca?s pour-over technique: Pour water that?s slightly less than boiling (around 200 degrees) over grounds that are placed inside a filter and then fitted inside a cup. Wait a few minutes and you'll have coffee that is rich, delicious and far from bitter.

While all classes certainly teach brewing skills that work with any type of coffee maker, our instructor suggested we upgrade to a burr grinder. The beans are ground finer, so you get a smoother, more consistent buzz.

Avoca Coffee Roasters, 1311 W. Magnolia Ave., Fort Worth; 682-233-0957

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