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We just received the best present a busy gal could ask for: the news that Giftbar (the Chicago-based company that helps you buy gift cards to local retailers) is now doing business in Dallas.

What does this mean for you? Well, no more sitting in traffic along McKinney Avenue to hit up Nest or Forty Five Ten--unless, of course, you have a thing for one-way streets.

Here’s how Giftbar works: Using the website or app, browse local boutiques like Nicole Kwon, Bell’Invito, Rye 51 and Q Clothier. Then, once you’ve selected the appropriate store, custom build your card by choosing the amount you’d like to give (for most stores, you can choose between $75 and $200) and personalizing the little piece of plastic with photos and designs.

In terms of getting that Number One card to your ever-grateful number-one bestie, you can opt to send it via email, snail mail or even text.

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