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Poehler and pals pal around on "Smart Girls."

Amy Poehler is even more versatile than we thought.

Recently, we learned that the SNL alum, Parks and Rec vet and awards-show host also moonlights as a motivator, empowering girls and women through her website and Austin-based YouTube series, Smart Girls at the Party.

The short episodes (which have a dedicated channel on YouTube) feature six segments such as “Ask Amy” and “Girls of the World” and a talk-show aspect that is shot in and around Texas’s capital.

Guests are often local high school students, and while we might be, um, slightly older than that demographic, the lessons and stories resonate no matter what your age.

In addition to the episodes geared toward young girls, recent spots show Poehler interviewing well-known women influencers such as Holland Taylor, who portrayed Ann Richards in the Broadway play Ann (which she also wrote), and underappreciated entertainers like storyteller Ellaraino.

At the start of each episode, Poehler describes Smart Girls as the show that “celebrates individuals who are changing the world by being themselves.”

Sounds like a noble endeavor to us.

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