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Ex-L.A. fitness guru John Terlingo once had the responsibility of whipping folks like Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman into shape.

So we?re inclined to trust him with our slightly, um, less streamlined bodies.

At the Dallas native's Terlingo Cycle (also called TGO), an exciting new Uptown indoor-cycling studio, exercise is treated like a ?journey.?

A typical 45-minute class has you climbing aboard one of 31 A.C. Performance Plus Schwinn bikes and working your butt off with routines that range from saddle jumps to interval training.

But the focus is on your mental as well as your physical well-being. Terlingo is all about melding the conditioning aspects of cycling with yoga-like aphorisms, so while you can expect encouragement from your instructor as you power-pedal to Madonna to Kanye, the atmosphere doesn't have the frenetic, competitive vibe of other studios.

And when the sprints and all-out climbs are in the rearview, the instructor pops the proverbial wheelie--and leads you through a brief meditation.

Terlingo Cycle, 3105 Reagan St.; 214-435-8505 or

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