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You can customize your Maria clutch with a brooch or other family heirloom.

If you?ve ever doubted the cyclical nature of fashion, look no further than your mom?s--or even grandmother?s--closet.

The latter is where Dallas designer Michelle Lockhart drew inspiration for Charlotte Max, her new line of custom-made Lucite clutches that add elegance to any occasion.

Just 1½ inches wide by 4½ inches tall and available in seven colors, each clutch ($445) boasts a different stylish embellishment, from ornate crystal-studded brooches to agate clusters. As a result, they?re at once ?30s throwbacks and modern marvels.

Lockhart works with an American manufacturer to make the bags, and she can customize per her clients? requests. Just provide her with Nanny?s brooch or other gem, and she?ll repurpose it into the design.

Another personal touch? Each clutch features a tiny turtle, which the designer says signifies ?longevity and appreciation of the world around you.?

Fashion and life, coming full circle.

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