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If you like your buddy movies full of crazy contrivances and frenetic characters, well, move along.

But if you’re cool with taking it down a notch, then check out Prince Avalanche, a subtle doozy of a film from the unpredictable auteur who dreamed up both All the Real Girls and Pineapple Express.

Richardson native David Gordon Green’s eighth picture is set in Bastrop, Texas, in 1988, and tells the insular story of coworkers Alvin (Paul Rudd) and Lance (Emile Hirsch) who are tasked with painting yellow lines down a rural highway.

Lance is Alvin’s sister’s boyfriend, and the two make an unlikely pair, bickering and insulting each other while they each come to terms with their lot in life.

Against this wilderness backdrop--and with a winning score by Explosions in the Sky--the quiet and affecting Prince Avalanche lives up to its name, gathering steam and coming together quite nicely by the end.

“Prince Avalanche” is currently available on iTunes and On Demand.

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