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We might associate floral headpieces with 22-year-olds at Coachella, but we recently found a company that?s way more serious in its approach.

Bows and Arrows, the Lower Greenville design studio known for its elegant wedding flowers, is making headpieces so ornate and breathtaking that they have many of us contemplating a walk down the aisle...even though we?re already married.

That?s because these lush arrangements are unlike any other veils or trendy birdcage options we?ve seen. Rather, fresh flowers are woven into netting for a look that?s at once modern and classic.

Husband and wife owners Adam and Alicia Rico will customize your headpiece to suit your whimsy, so feel free to tell them you love peonies and hate hydrangeas.

And for those whose wedding gowns are gathering dust in (insert inappropriate storage spot here), you can still get in on the fun. The Ricos aren?t averse to creating for any occasion: Anniversary headdress, here you come.

Bows and Arrows is open by appointment. 4908 Bryan St.; 214-828-2697 or

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