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First there was the salad-bar craze. Then Dallas entered the chopped-salad fray.

What could possibly come next but to add carbs to the proceedings?

Introducing Bread Zeppelin, a new Las Colinas fast-casual restaurant that lets you go fork-free by putting your greens inside a roll ($5).

At first blush this could seem like, well, a sandwich. But hear us out.

First off, you still get the salad-bar experience of matching a leaf base with a protein, some toppings and dressing. (We’re partial to the Kale-ifornia, a delightful mix of the green with pecorino cheese, currants and roasted pumpkin seeds.)

Second, there’s the familiar chopping station, where a mezzaluna-wielding employee slices your salad into a million little pieces before sticking it inside the bread.

Finally, said bread isn’t exactly traditional sandwich material. Rather, it’s a hollowed-out crispy baguette into which your salad innards are stuffed and topped with a house-made dressing.

And what of that missing bread? No worries--it’s used to make croutons.

Bread Zeppelin, 6440 N. MacArthur Blvd., Suite 140, Irving; 469-359-2661 or

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