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Dear self-employed people: If you’ve ever struggled to meet a deadline in a busy (read: noisy, crowded, co-ed-populated) coffeehouse, we have an upgrade for your consideration.

It’s called CoLab Workspace, and it’s a place where anybody can grab a desk and work alongside other freelancing (and blissfully quiet) individuals.

Located in Fort Worth’s trendy West 7th corridor, it’s a natural fit for the area between downtown and the Cultural District, and inside, it’s everything you could want from your home away from your home office. (Day passes are $20; monthly memberships start at $222.)

With handsome PalletSmart furniture, a community workroom, private suites and even a bocce court (What? Everybody needs a lunch break, right?), CoLab caters to local entrepreneurs. It offers not only the accoutrements of an office but also an environment in which people can meet one another and collaborate on projects.

To link up with other CoLab-ers, write your name, the name of your business and your Web address on the “writeable walls”--or, you know, just walk over and introduce yourself.

CoLab Workspace, 262 Carroll St., Fort Worth; 817-484-4846

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