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The beverage inside the sleek plastic biodegradable bottle is not what you think.

Is it juice? Water? The latest fad drink that promises dietary benefits?

Introducing Koa, the world’s first organic water (and a refreshing mix of all of the above).

Yes, this new Dallas-made concoction is the first water that can call itself organic, because it’s made by squeezing the water out of nine fruits and vegetables.

Who would create such a thing? Self-professed “serial entrepreneur” Adam Louras and local restaurateur Jonathan Rosenberg, of course. The latter was responsible for helming concepts like Sfuzzi Uptown and The Standard Pour. The guys even have the requisite Kickstarter campaign to aid their efforts.

But what of the taste? Well, it definitely reminds us of other plain-tasting waters on the market. But it also has a crispness and a subtle hint of fruit. Plus, Koa is infused with an array of 19 vitamins and minerals (thanks to those fruits and veggies).

At $5 for a 12.7-ounce bottle, the drink ain’t cheap. (A 15-bottle case is $60.) But we like to think of it as an investment our bodies will thank us for.

Koa Organic Water is available at EatZi’s Market & Bakery and at

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