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A movie at Alamo Drafthouse can be an interactive experience. Hence, the inflatables.

There you are, kicking back at the movie theater, when that bozo two rows ahead of you decides to post a status on Facebook.

Instantly, your whole escapist experience goes south quicker than an Adam Sandler movie.

Reason number 216 why we love Alamo Drafthouse: the owners’ near-Stalinist treatment of cell-phone abusers.

The beloved Austin-based movie-theater chain finally debuts in Richardson the first week in August--and we couldn’t be more excited. Our North Texas version will include seven theaters showing really quality stuff (think A Band Called Death and The Act of Killing).

But the highlight is definitely the experience. Dare to unfurl your cell phone mid-movie and ushers kick you out. Hate pre-movie commercials? There’s none of that here. Wish you could tie one on while watching Pacific Rim? Try a tailor-made cocktail you can sip in your seat; we’re partial to the Muppet, made with grapefruit soda and tequila and a favorite of director Guillermo Del Toro.

The geniuses behind Alamo Drafthouse have even eliminated the dreaded front-row seating, so nobody gets a crappy view.

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