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We?ve got better things to do than lug 40 pounds of dog food from the store shelf to our grocery carts and then into our cars.

In this weather? Are you kidding?

That?s why Baxter?s Premium Pet Food Delivery is a business model we can embrace.

Fort Worth resident Ben Miller began offering the subscription delivery service last year when he realized there had to be a more convenient way to get Orijen dog food than driving out to a feed store in Aledo.

Baxter?s brings filler-free food right to your door--and it?s packed with protein and made with significantly more meat than the stuff you?ll find at the local pet store. Our little guy is partial to the Acana Pacifica ($76 for a 30-pound bag), a nourishing mixture of hypoallergenic fish like salmon, herring and flounder.

Miller points out that a dog?s feeding schedule is quite regulated; with some consultation, he can help you figure out how often you?ll need new food.

Baxter?s delivers all over North Texas. (Doggie breath not included.)

It?s about time we treat our dogs like the royalty they already think they are.

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