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Noa P. Singleton has six months to live. For ten years, she’s sat on death row without uttering a single word in her defense, and now all of her appeals are up. But an unlikely advocate has emerged: her victim’s mother. Will she be able to get Noa to talk, even to save her own life?

The premise of Elizabeth L. Silver’s debut novel is so tantalizing, it was hard for us not to skip to the last page before we even opened the book. But our self-restraint paid off. The conclusion to Noa’s story is every bit as satisfying as we’d hoped, but the real pleasure is in Silver’s--pardon the pun--narrative execution.

After graduating from Highland Park High School, Dallas native Silver went on to earn both creative writing and law degrees, a unique combination that’s evident in her darkly witty prose and probing moral questions.

Delving deep into the complexities of innocence and guilt, of friendship and love, The Execution of Noa P. Singleton goes beyond the usual summer thriller. Indeed, you’ll be thinking about big moral issues with every page you feverishly turn.

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