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The phrase summer in a bite has practically become a food cliché.

So let’s just call Pop Star Handcrafted Popsicles summer in a…slurp.

The treat is ripe for the lickin’ right now, as evidenced at the Saturday White Rock Local Market, when oodles of customers queue up for the the mom-and-(ahem)-pop business’s most popular flavor, cucumber lemon mint.

The roughly 60-calorie, all-natural pops ($2.50 each) are made from mostly organic fruits, and husband-and-wife owners John Doumas and Jen Yates favor local ingredients, which they use to concoct the robust treats.

With little in the way of added sweeteners--Doumas uses evaporated cane juice from Sugar Land--the results are dynamic flavor combinations like coconut and lime, not a sugar bomb. On any given Saturday, the ice-pop parade also includes flavors such as green-apple cardamom, honey tangerine and chocolate peppermint.

You'll see plenty of kiddos enjoying a strawberry-lemonade pop. But the most potent punch comes from the cold-brew-coffee version, for which Doumas uses coffee from Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters.

Remember: There’s no shame in slurping a pop as soon as you wake up.

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