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If you follow a gluten-free diet, you probably know of April Peveteaux, the adorably snarky and occasionally profane voice behind the popular L.A.-based "Gluten Is My Bitch" blog.

The UT-Austin alum's same-named new book--part memoir, part rant, part recipes--is so hilarious, however, that even the wheat eaters among us will find it rewarding. Here, a few tidbits we picked up:

Soy sauce is a no-go. Peveteaux calls this the sneakiest of all off-limits ingredients. ("You don't exactly get that wheat feel when you're dining on sushi.") While tofu and other soy products are OK, she recommends wheat-free tamari sauce.

Chef Thomas Keller is a superstar. Every foodie knows who Keller is, but did you know he and his French Laundry research-and-development chef, Lena Kwak, are behind Cup4Cup flour? The gluten-free, diet-approved flour is expensive ($20 for a three-pound bag at Williams-Sonoma), says Peveteaux, but it makes desserts taste authentic.

Gluten-free food is tasty. That's according to Peveteaux's gluten-eating husband. She happily volunteered to make us a batch of her famous fried chicken (it uses all-purpose gluten-free flour and xanthan gum), and we have to say, she's on to something.

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