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Slathering on sunscreen and hoping for the best is so 2005. That?s why we can appreciate clothing that that provides an added layer of defense.

Introducing SunKissed Girl, a Dallas-based mom-and-daughter company that creates sun-protection clothing that looks anything but medicinal.

With a UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) of 50+, the tops and jackets boast an ?excellent? rating, meaning they effectively shield covered skin from damaging ultraviolet rays. The difference between SunKissed Girl?s clothing and some sunscreens is that the clothes shield against UVB rays as well as UVA rays, the ones that cause premature aging of the skin and, potentially, skin cancer.

But enough about science; we?re here to talk fashion. We love the St. Barths top ($75), a stylish twist on the cap-sleeved tee that features a flattering inverted pleat and a side drawstring. And we definitely plan to pair the keyhole-silhouetted Bali tank ($85) with skinny linens for a look that?s slimming, modern and very tropical.

Now, bring on the sunshine.

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