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Private Social has something to "cro" about.

The cronut: It?s the buzziest food to hit the streets of Manhattan since Sex and the City-endorsed cupcakes.

Only 300 are sold each morning, and if you?re lucky enough to make it inside Dominique Ansel Bakery, you?re allowed to buy only two of the bad boys.

But you don?t need to hop a plane to New York. If you?re craving cronuts, we?re happy to report that all you need to do is head to Private Social in Uptown Dallas. There, you?ll find the same-named hybrid (part croissant, part doughnut) but without the East Coast lines.

Chef Najat Kaanache claims the item is her own creation--she?s been serving the pastry since February, while Ansel has been at it for only a month--and she?s been tweeting the New York foodie elite to set the record straight.

Rather than get involved in the ?Which came first?? debate, we?ll tell you what?s different. Kaanache?s takes--savory crawfish cronuts ($12) and sweet cream cronuts ($10)--are a touch denser and more cake-like than Ansel?s, which use croissant-y dough and are fried in grapeseed oil.

We hear that Ansel has trademarked the invention, so it might be worth stopping by Private Social before the lawyers set in.

Private Social, 3232 McKinney Ave.; 214-754-4744 or

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