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What’s not to love about Indian food? Exotic spices. Creamy curries. Crisp dosas, pakoras and papadums.

Come to think of it, the only thing we don’t like is what it does to our waistline.

Kaurina’s Kulfi can help resolve that dietary quandary--and just in time for the hot summer ahead.

The locally made Popsicle-like Indian iced dessert uses a half-and-half base, so it has half the calories and butterfat of ice cream. But, thanks to cane sugar and natural flavorings, there’s plenty of satisfying sweetness.

We’re partial to the more interesting flavors like Kheer (basically frozen rice pudding on a stick) and Chikoo (best described as having a cinnamony pear taste), but you can also snag your standard chocolate or vanilla.

Four-packs of the pops are available on Artizone ($8) and at local South Asian markets and Fiesta stores.

It’s a sweet treat you can feel good about eating.

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