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Yes, that's a mini pickle sandwich.

You like a picnic in the park as much as the next girl (provided the temperature doesn?t rise above 78 degrees and there are no bugs present whatsoever).

But often, your standard picnic fare seems more meh than meal. Luckily, we?ve found a few locally made items that are sure to up the ante at your next outdoor repast.

Pick This Pickle Fort Worth-based In a Pickle makes all-natural you-know-whats as well as stellar jams, marmalades and syrups. We love their Sweet & Spicy Pickle Chips ($7), which add an ideal chili-and-sugar-brined crunch to even the most mundane sandwich.

Get Happy Happy Tomato Salsa, that is. This year-old salsa maker creates seriously tasty, chunky hot sauces ($7) full of cilantro, onions and organic tomatoes. Pack them alongside a bag of tortilla chips and we promise you?ll be seriously happy.

From Genoa with Love Fort Worth?s Robyn Schwartz fell in love with biscottini al pesto (twice-baked mini biscuits made with pine nuts, basil, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and olive oil) while visiting Italy five years ago. Now she makes her own version ($8) of the savory pastry under the name Fianco a Fianco. The wafers have a basil base but a sweet finish--so you can serve them before your main course or after the meal with a glass of wine.

What a Concept Fans of a certain iconic Texas fast-food joint love its quirky and surprisingly tasty menu (who doesn?t have a taquito-in-the-wee-hours-of-the-morning story?). So news of their new condiment line (think spicy ketchup, mustard and potato chips) comes as a relief to picnic baskets everywhere.

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