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Shopping for home decor with the opposite sex is seldom a stress-free enterprise. (No, we do not want to use cinderblocks as bookshelves, thank you very much.)

That?s why we love Wrare, a Fort Worth furnishings store that artfully bridges the masculine-feminine design chasm. Once inside the West Side store, you and your man-friend will have plenty of ?Did you see that?? moments--think vintage television vignettes and refurbished rotary phones.

There?s no dreaded design disconnect here. The clean space features gorgeous hardwoods in mismatched colors (warm and feminine) tempered with vintage-inspired merchandise such as ornate armchairs (attention, ladies) that bear contemporary, burlap-covered backs (perfect for any man cave).

Other non-gendered items that got our attention: antique-y and classic-car-chromed Smith Corona typewriters ($895) and romantic yet industrial Edison-bulb lamps ($295).

But our favorite find was probably the Cisco Brothers chairs ($2,495) upholstered with Nakshi Kantha quilts. Patchwork fabric tops a hardy ?masculine? frame for a look that?s as dazzling as it is unisex.

Who knows: You and your husband may never fight again.

Wrare, 2955 Crockett St., Fort Worth; 817-885-8881

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