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If you kind of can?t stop shopping at one particular quirky-chic home store, trust us, you?re not alone.

In truth, our collective aesthetic has probably been skewing arts-and-crafts-y since, well, we were doing arts and crafts.

So that may be the very reason we love Brika, the fantastic new Etsy-esque online retailer.

Businesswomen founders Jen Lee Koss and Kena Paranjape appreciate well-made handcrafted goods, and their site is chockfull of such darling accessories, children?s items and paper products. And for the next two weeks, we?re teaming up with Brika to host our own pop-up shop right on their site.

Like all good things, the merch has a Texas angle. Check out Austin-based Son of a Sailor?s adorably updated friendship bracelets ($25) and delicate hand-painted necklaces ($34 to $50) for instant summer-camp flashbacks.

Then browse South Austin designer Tracy Castro?s Fair Morning Blue line of note cards ($21 to $26), which sport festive, Southwest-inspired motifs such as arrows and feathers.

We could go on and on?but we?d rather let you get shopping.

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