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If you’ve ever defended your Luddite resistance to e-readers (“I like the way a book feels in my hands”), then you’ll definitely appreciate a quaint store and book-repair shop in Oak Cliff’s Bishop Arts district.

The Book Doctor is a trip back in time. Here, used books are for sale, but the real stars are the really old ones that owner Candice McKay revives via a process of restoration, rebinding or repair.

McKay has become the city’s go-to book whisperer: Bring her your tattered Nancy Drews from childhood, for instance, and she’ll make them look (almost) brand-new.

McKay has made a name for herself by fixing ailing Bibles with her delicate and meticulous touch. The store is conservation-oriented, meaning a new cover might simply be added on top of an existing, older spine.

The Book Doctor also offers custom bookbinding services (contact them at for prices) should you need your company’s annual report made or if you finally want to bind that great American novel you’ve been noodling with since college.

Think of it as a more intimate, hands-on version of your neighborhood copy shop, albeit one with expert bookbinders on hand. They are doctors, after all.

The Book Doctor, 310 W. Seventh St., Dallas; 214-946-1760 or

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