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No matter your politics, it?s easy to take pride in Texas if you live here. But try telling that to the rest of the country, much of which thinks that in our state, ?everyone?s a Republican, everyone?s an evangelical and everyone owns a gun.?

Those are the words of author Erica Grieder, and in her new book, Big, Hot, Cheap and Right: What America Can Learn from the Strange Genius of Texas, she further articulates just how great and diverse our state really is. Her case, to wit:

Texas has a remarkable economic engine Did you know our state has a larger economy than South Korea or Mexico? From 2009 to 2011, Texas created 40 percent of our nation?s new jobs.

We have a love for limited government, not no government Grieder writes of Texas?s long-standing suspicion of government and its reliance on the private sector. But, she says, Texas doesn?t hesitate to implement regulation when it makes sense. For instance, we avoided the worst of the housing crash in part because of our strong anti-predatory lending laws.

Population growth Six of the country?s 20 largest cities are here, but a third of their residents were born someplace else--which validates the ubiquitous bumper sticker.

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