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Bar Smyth, the enterprising new endeavor by Cedars Social alums, has no sign outside and, judging by its decor, seems to be stuck firmly in the 1970s. But--surprise--this is one forward-thinking gin joint.

On a recent unreasonably cold night, we stopped by to take in the dimly lit room, shag carpeting, vintage couches and wood-paneled walls.

We were amused by the discordant-for-Knox-Henderson vibe (think low-key and approachable, with eclectic ?70s-era tunes playing softly in the background) but even more so by a complimentary amuse cocktail, a palate-whetting combo of Champagne and ginger.

With its liquor-first focus, this bar isn?t for the hair-flipping-flirt-with-the-bartender set. Instead, it?s good for a quiet evening with your husband or best friend, and you can expect the staff to ask about your drink preferences. 

After telling the bartender that we like fruity, effervescent drinks (and gin), our custom-made blackberry/gin/lemon juice ginger beer ($12) was the perfect reward for our little debrief.

Bar Smyth, 4513 Travis St., 214-520-0900

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