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An animal app that's not for the dogs.

Picture this: You’re driving down a rural road--whether it’s in Anna, Alvarado or Annetta North--and you see an injured deer on the side of the street.

You could call the police and wait eons for an answer, or you could use a new app to keep you from going all deer-in-headlights.

Animal Help Now is a free Colorado-based app that recently launched in Texas--not a moment too soon for area animal lovers.

The service is simple to use, no matter your creature query, and can help you find the nearest vet, report animal abuse or assist that poor aforementioned deer.

In the case of the latter, you have a “wildlife issue” on your hands. Click that button and you’ll be asked a series of questions. Are you willing to transport the animal? (Uh, no.) Is the animal confined/stationary? Does the animal appear to be sick or injured? We were quickly hooked up with the phone numbers of nearly ten providers, from clinics to rehabilitators to animal control.

After relaying our news about the injured deer to a local wildlife rehabilitator, we’re resting easy in our urban lair, happy to report the animal is in good hands.

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