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Halotherapy centers aren?t supposed to look like this.

Salt treatments have roots in medicinal healing and can help respiratory problems, allergies and skin conditions. So most places that focus on this regimen feature stark-white rooms with an antiseptic feel. Ariasalt, however, is thoroughly modern, with pink salt-tiled walls and zero-gravity treatment chairs.

And that?s just what owner Jordan Jones was striving for when he started building the center. Despite numerous delays (it?s not easy fitting small tiles of Pakistan-imported salt into three treatment rooms, even if you have Jones?s construction background), Ariasalt is slated to open Monday.

During your 45-minute session ($45 to $55 for a group or private room), mellow music is piped in and you simply lie back in a chair, breathing in the salt. Jones says the negative ion environment promotes one?s dopamine levels and can even help you sleep better.

After years of hearing how bad salt is for our diet, we admit we were a little skeptical about its wonders. But we were impressed. We were fighting a cold the day we previewed the spa, yet we felt less congested after our trip.

This might be one salty experience you won?t want to pass up.

Ariasalt, 6323 Camp Bowie Blvd., Suite 141, Fort Worth; 817-732-7258 or

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