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Barbecuing at home can be a tricky endeavor. Whether the goal is to get those fancy crisscross sear marks or to cook ?low and slow,? we?ll be the first to admit that our top priority is not to barbecue the house.

Who better to tap for advice than the new sheriff (of the pit) in town, the self-proclaimed ?Ribs Whisperer? Trace Arnold? We caught up with him at the soft opening of his 3 Stacks Smoke & Tap House in Frisco (the restaurant opens tomorrow). From juicy brisket to the most tender baby back ribs we?ve ever had, one thing?s for sure: Arnold is an authority.

Herewith, his fire-?em-up tips:

Spring for the Egg ?Using a good cooking device is really important when barbecuing at home,? says Arnold. He considers the Big Green Egg to be the finest cooking mechanism known to mankind, mainly because it helps you to maintain the proper temperature. It?s a big investment, but Arnold assures us that the worst meal cooked in the Big Green Egg will be better than your best meal made on any other grill.

Be Leisurely Make sure you have plenty of time to rub your meats and let them marinate (4 to 5 hours is ideal) before smoking them on the right type of wood: Arnold?s go-to is mesquite because it gives off great smoke, providing a bigger flavor.

Searching For Flavor? It?s all in the rubs, Arnold says. He mixes his own at 3 Stacks (they?ll be available for sale in a few months), but in a, er, pinch, he says you can try a popular seasoned salt found in the supermarket.

3 Stacks Smoke & Tap House, 4226 Preston Rd., Frisco; 469-287-9035 or

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