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It seems that January, rife with resolutions and redos, is the perfect month to try a different type of exercise--or maybe just try to exercise. Either way, you’re bound to encounter a new regimen, even if you’re merely watching a class through the windows at the gym as you go about your blah elliptical routine.

So why not check out TRX, or Total Resistance Exercise, at the city’s only dedicated venue, Fitness With Insight (FWI)?

For the uninitiated, TRX is a 30-minute workout that uses two adjustable harnesses and just about all of your muscles, since the only weight that is leveraged is your own.

FWI’s small studio, juxtaposed ironically next door to Angela’s Café, opened about 18 months ago and offers a complimentary session for newbies like us. After your first class, packages range from one session ($25) to a one-month unlimited pass ($195).

Underneath the anchored Suspension Trainer, we lunged, squatted and did various exercises that worked our core. Thankfully, our amiable instructor, Robbie, was encouraging and relatable. Another teacher was on hand to (re-)position some of us who are, ahem, less than graceful.

As the saying goes, we worked muscles we didn’t even know we had.

Fitness With Insight, 7979 Inwood Rd.; 214-357-2000 or

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