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For Janet Gridley, success lies in simple communication.

The Dallas interior decorator--a Minnesota transplant who moved to the area six years ago with her family--has quickly made a name for herself locally through her unique and often innovative design work.

Having spent many years as a photo stylist and art director for film, print and advertising, Gridley has a breadth of visual arts experience. She says the overarching theme in her work is that each project is ?super-individual,? depending on her client's needs and style.

Her skills have certainly served her well, landing her a slew of local and regional accounts, not to mention a standout project in her native Minnesota at the The Bachelor Farmer restaurant.

Gridley scoured the world for colorful afghans to hang, Tetris-like, along the walls of the venue?s private dining room, resulting in a whimsical, daringly vibrant tour de force.

For the intriguingly modest designer, its completion--which caught the eye of industry publications--is invigorating and has her amped up for her next project, whether it be a boutique motel or humble abode.

With Gridley attached, it?s sure to be one exceptional place.

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