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Dina Light-McNeely saw a hole in the market and decided to plug it with soup.

That?s the only way to describe what the savvy businesswoman did last month, when she realized Dallas lacked a soup delivery service. Four days later, she had a full-fledged business on her hands.

Truth be told, Light-McNeely has always loved making soup for friends. The only difference now is that the self-professed foodie is charging ($13 for 32 ounces) for brilliant bisques and consummate consommés through her Oak Cliff Soup Company, which delivers to the neighborhood?s 75208 zip code. You can also order soup online and pick it up at Bolsa Mercado on Saturdays.

Working one night a week (she has a little help lifting the 80-pound vats of soup), she toils in her friends? kitchen, which happens to be that of Bolsa Mercado.

Every week she?s been in business, she has sold out (we?d say that?s a good sign) of offerings like roasted tomato basil soup and hearty lentil, made with forager Tom Spicer?s FM 1410 mushrooms and vegetables. Notable friends, like chef Graham Dodds (formerly of Bolsa), have connected her with local farms.

Soup?s on, indeed!

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