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There are tastemakers. And then there are tastemakers.

Judy Aldridge--clothing designer, former model and mother of Sea of Shoes maven Jane--invariably fits that descriptor, no matter the medium in which she is working.

So it?s no surprise that InStyle magazine recently anointed her e-commerce vintage-jewelry website, Atlantis Dry Goods--which is run by her sister, Karen Babcock--the Best of the Web 2012.

With their domino-effect Midas touch, the North Texas-based family has channeled their fashion fortune-telling skills onto the sites, the latest of which sells remarkably affordable jewelry (and other miscellany) that Babcock and Aldridge have found by scouring area flea markets, estate sales, antiques malls and thrift stores.

Where else online can you find this caliber of retro accessories, not to mention at these prices? We?re hung up on this sweet Emmons cloisonné necklace ($18), but if 1970s-style Avon geometric pieces ($22) are more your style, they?re here too.

And the savvy businesswomen have managed to find a foundry (in Azle, no less!) that now casts their most-championed look: bronze animal jewelry like beetles, sunfish and barracudas ($76 to $98).

This is one fashion-forward family.

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