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Part of artist Taro-Kun's mural at Hypnotic Sushi

Too often, if you?ve been to one sushi place, you?ve been to them all.

But here?s a new spot on sushi-strewn Oak Lawn that?s worth checking out: Hypnotic Sushi.

The restaurant has a simple but elusive-to-Dallas concept: Why not enjoy fine sushi amid a stimulating space full of vibrant, gallery-worthy art?

It?s the brainchild of Harlan Hill and chef Tony Gonzalez, who desired a place that would serve inventive food (crabmeat wrapped with salmon, served atop an apple sauce, anyone?) in just as noteworthy an environment.

Enter Brian Gibb, owner and director of The Public Trust, whose stable of artists includes many who happen to be influenced by Japanese pop culture.

The result is all over the walls. Take the paintings behind the sushi bar by Dallas?s Brent Ozaeta, Empty Product and Since Yesterday; both feature the artist?s signature Japanese imagery-collaging style.

And it?s hard to miss the 22-foot-wide pop-art mural by Dallas-based artist Taro-Kun, which depicts a world of ?sushi people? enjoying a leisurely day in the sun.

Who said sushi had to be subdued?

Hypnotic Sushi, 3211 Oak Lawn Ave.; 214-520-6248 or

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