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One foot in the door at Dude, Sweet Chocolate and our (fledgling) diet was out the window.

Samples of the locally famous chocolates are so notoriously--and aggressively--made available at the small Bishop Arts shop that, despite visiting just after lunch, we could not resist.

Make no mistake: Dude, Sweet (as its fans call it) is all about reveling in the enjoyment of the cocoa bean. All of the company?s goodies have a dark-chocolate base. Mixed with uncommon flavor profiles (blue cheese and chocolate, anyone?), this is some potent stuff.

And with a new Design District production kitchen now churning out more batches for the masses, we?re happy to report that, yes, Virginia, there will be more chocolate around for this holiday season.

Two new offerings are the Tater Head fudge ($12), made with sweet potato powder and apple butter, and the Patty Cake toffee ($12), with walnuts and maple powder. Both are winners, hitting the mark with a flavorful, far-from-cloying sweetness.

And speaking of, we?re also sweet on the awesome Dude, Sweet Chocolate retro lunch boxes ($25), which are cool as is but even better when packed with your own handpicked chocolate stash.

All of which may make you say, ?Dude, where?d my diet go??

Dude, Sweet Chocolate, 408 W. Eighth St., 214-943-5943 or

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