For those of us who live in older homes, the lack of electrical outlets in any given room is one of our biggest pet peeves.

So if you?ve ever moved a side table here or swapped out a sofa there solely for the sake of plugging in a lamp, we?d like to introduce you to a local company that has a brilliant solution for putting an end to all the heavy lifting.

Fort Worth-based Modern Lantern?s lamps--currently patent-pending and available through the company?s website--are sleekly contemporary conduits of light. And perhaps most important, they are cordless wonders that run on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

The collection of six lamps ($300 to $360) features metal, glass and ceramic styles that are not only practical but also aesthetically covetable. We think the glass Pyrus model ($340) would look most at home in our home, and our friends with mid-century modern leanings just might fall for the Hive ($360), with its highly textured dimpled base.

The battery takes two and a half hours to charge and keeps the lamp illuminated for about 13 hours. A long-lasting, eco-friendly LED 12-volt bulb is included, as is a charger.

Best of all? No more giving up your cozy reading corner because the light is better on the other side of the room.

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