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Socially conscious retailers are increasingly becoming part and parcel in today’s commercial landscape. And Holy Kombucha’s refreshing business plan allows you to help others, while also taking care of yourself.

In just over a year, the Fort Worth-based company has built a cult following with its beverage (now in eight flavors), as well as raised awareness about human trafficking: Ten percent of Holy Kombucha’s profits go to Sow the Seed, a nonprofit that provides shelter and food to those in need in India.

And the beverage seems to do your body good too. An elixir made from fermented tea and sugar cane, kombucha has a host of probiotics and antioxidants that effectively jump-start your immune and digestive systems. And fans claim it gives you a boost of energy and contributes to better overall health.

No slouches in the drinks department (our refrigerators will testify to our diet-soda overstock), we were eager to try what some describe as a liquid sister to sparkling cider, if you will. One 17-ounce bottle of Revelation Raspberry ($3.50 at Central Market) later, we were won over by the delightfully tart thirst-quencher.

It just might be the best-tasting feel-good drink around.

Holy Kombucha is available at a number of local restaurants and stores, including Meddlesome Moth, BuzzBrews, Green Spot, Spiral Diner, Potager, Brewed and Central Market.

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