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Hoofed furniture would seem a natural fit around here, where hunting is a near-birthright for some, and many of our neighbors fancy trophy-animal ornaments on their walls.

But that doesn?t mean the retail arrival of furnishings by John Dickinson--the late, much-lauded California-based interior decorator known for his white plaster nature-inspired designs--isn?t headline news.

In fact, we?re thrilled that Forty Five Ten has effectively cornered the market on Dickinson?s designs. In an exclusive deal with showroom star David Sutherland (who has a long-standing relationship with Dickinson?s estate), the Dallas boutique is showcasing a line of 14 items at a fraction of what the originals cost.

Despite their understated elegance, whimsical pieces like the Tree Stump pedestal ($3,000) and the large African table ($7,000) are poised to steal the show in any room.

And if your style is even more low-key, the Twig mirror ($3,600)--with its spare, almost painterly outline--is a sight to behold.

Currently, Forty Five Ten has 11 of the pieces on view, and if you like what you see, the turnaround for your tree stumps or twigs is approximately six to eight weeks.

Which would be just in time for the holidays. Sounds like the perfect pre-Thanksgiving purchase.

John Dickinson at Forty Five Ten, 4510 McKinney Ave.; 214-559-4510 or

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