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Fullosophie's endive salad with rotisserie chicken, cherries and cayenne cashews

Whether you’re a harried stress ball or you skew more type B--or even if you’re somewhere in between--it seems there’s never enough time to accomplish everything on your to-do list in the span of a day, much less make a healthy dinner.

That’s why it’s nice to know some people want to take care of you, and they even have their own philosophy on how to do it.

We’re talking Fullosophie here, as in the new company launched by longtime friends Jess Shain and Tarin Holcomb.

The duo’s dining service, which they describe as “farm to fork,” delivers semiweekly ready-to-eat meals, and it just might be poised to eradicate the dreaded “What are we having for dinner?” dilemma once and for all.

That’s because the food on tap is nutritious, delicious and, most important, tailored for you, whether you’re on a paleo, gluten-free or vegetarian diet. Taking inspiration from chefs, blogs and cookbooks, Shain and Holcomb create cleaner versions of well-known recipes. They use locally sourced ingredients to put their own twists on, for example, Nigella Lawson’s linguine with chiles, crab and watercress or Tyler Florence’s pumpkin quinoa with dates and sage (both are $12 to $15 per serving).

With a rotating weekly menu, it’s food that’s simply prepared and delivered right to your doorstep. To quote domestic doyenne Ina Garten: “How easy is that?”

Fullosophie; 214-326-4700 or

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