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The California invasion continues.

The latest popular franchise from the Golden State has arrived in Addison with the opening of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf--adjacent to an In-N-Out Burger, no less.

The esteemed caffeine venue, long revered on the West Coast, is finally here to offer us another choice when it comes to our precious lattes and blended drinks.

The new store is set away from the Dallas North Tollway, almost hidden from sight. And it?s a location that, if we had the choice, we?d love to keep a secret.

That?s because this den delivers the goods. Its extensive menu of coffee and tea comes from curated arabica beans and hand-plucked whole-leaf teas, yielding some pretty great beverages.

Whether your coffee desires are simple--we ordered the light coffee of the day, Mocha Java ($2)--or more complicated (you might like the Black Forest Ice Blended with cherries and chocolate-covered espresso beans, $4.50), you?re sure to get your fill here. (The Ice Blended is the company?s signature beverage--a mix of coffee extract and added powders blended with ice.)

An added perk: Pastries are made by local favorite Empire Baking Company--we love the apple cinnamon walnut loaf ($2.25) with its luscious icing--and lunch items are supplied by Austin-based Dishalicious. The tempting almond-pesto egg salad sandwich and the quinoa hummus wrap are sure to become our new go-to midday pick-me-ups.

Now if we could only figure out how to move the beach here too...

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, 15250 Dallas North Tollway; 972-716-2045 or

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