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Let?s face it: You?re a passionate consumer. You have a style all your own. And you know what you like.

But have you ever wished there were a website that would let you pick the brains of your fellow tastemakers by checking out their carefully curated items, then buy them with no fuss, no muss--just the click of your mouse?

Alas, there?s no need to keep on searching. Meet your gatekeeper to an endless assortment of handpicked, unique and creative products: Keep.

Whether you?re borrowing style inspiration or lending your own, a revelatory, highly visual shopping experience awaits on this treasure trove of a site, where pictures of merchandise are displayed--similar to Pinterest, for example--but with one click, you have the option to buy them.

An added perk: When you become a Keeper and save the ?Keep of the Day? into a collection, you?ll be eligible for the Keepstakes. From October 15 through November 14, prizes will be given away each day. And one lucky Keeper will win the grand prize: all 31 prizes.

As if we needed more of an incentive to share our wares.

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