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The lobster roll at East Hampton Sandwich Co.

Dallas is a long way from East Hampton, New York.

But that didn’t stop Hunter Pond from wanting to share the food memories of his summertime youth with local diners.

The young owner recently shelved law school for lobster rolls, and the rest may be Dallas dining history, as our recent visit to East Hampton Sandwich Co. testified.

With a beachfront bungalow motif (but a Snider Plaza address), the restaurant is casual, but the food is far from ordinary.

Sandwiches like the Meyer lemon chicken (pulled roast chicken, Meyer lemon vinaigrette, celery, watermelon radish and roasted pepper aioli, $9) and the hot cheese and short rib (sliced short rib with caramelized onions, arugula, American cheese and horseradish cream, $12) feature local produce and stellar Empire Baking Company bread, but we were lured by the luscious lobster roll (knuckle and claw meat, split lobster tail, chives and microgreens with a butter drizzle, $16).

And the golden pear and pancetta salad (arugula, spinach, roasted pear, chopped pancetta, basil, blue cheese crumbles and Champagne vinaigrette, $9) is an ideal complement; its bitter greens, sweet pear and salty bacon make the ultimate toothsome triumvirate.

We rest our case.

East Hampton Sandwich Co., 6912 Snider Plaza, Dallas; 214-363-2888 or

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